What Time Of Day Is Best For Exercise in Carmichael CA

What Time Is Best For Exercise in Carmichael CA?

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If you have been regularly exercising but still experience sluggishness, fatigue or those unwanted pounds are not coming off, you may want to consider when your workout time is. Recent research that we've learned at our clinic in Carmichael CA has shown that those who exercise first thing in the morning and before breakfast have had the most success with weight loss and overall good health.

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Why does this matter? Both exercise and fasting together will force the breakdown of fat and glycogen, which is essential for energy. The sympathetic nervous system plays a large role here because this system controls your body's fat burning processes and is activated by lack of food and exercising(this is what you want).

On the other hand, exercising after a meal will actually slow down the sympathetic nervous system and have the exact opposite effect on fat burning.

Of course, I know there are some people who simply cannot exercise on an empty stomach, maybe due to blood sugar concerns. So what is the answer for them? If you absolutely need something before your workout, I would recommend a small protein shake with healthy fruits and a quality whey protein powder.

This can aid in increasing your metabolism and additionally help with muscle building. If you have an under active thyroid, this can really help boost your thyroid levels.

Another big factor here in fasting (not eating before your workout) is the huge role it plays in fighting insulin resistance. If you have diabetes or pre-diabetic, you know that the regulation of your insulin levels are crucial. For that matter, even if you are not diabetic, proper function of insulin levels is extremely important for overall health.

In conclusion, what we eat or don't eat before a workout can have a direct effect on our workout performance. This is why I recommend not eating anything, if possible, to optimize fat burning processes. For me, working out first thing in the morning is the logical answer for maximum health.

Working out first thing in the morning also let's us "get it out of the way" for the day. This way, there are no excuses that can pop up during the day to prevent us from hitting the gym later in the day. Also, drinking pure water throughout your workout is key and not "Vitamin water" or any other sugary energy drinks that can have very negative effects on the body no matter when you workout.


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