Chiropractic Testimonials

"I am a massage client of one of the independent practitioners at Baratta Holistic Center. For several years I have had issues with my right knee. I injured it on a vacation and it just never seemed to return to normal. Pain, swelling, etc. Walking uphill or taking stairs was particularly painful. My leg often felt like it was going to give out if I put any weight on my knee.

I tried everything to help relieve the symptoms: rest, over-the-counter medications, physical therapy, massage therapy, walking less (I am a walker). I even took up swimming and using a stationary bicycle as recommended by an orthopedic doctor. All helped, but not completely. The pain, and particularly the swelling, just didn’t go away.

One day, during my massage therapy session, the therapist suggested that I try Turmeric. I asked her where I could obtain it, and she told me that Dr. Baratta offers his own compound. So I bought a bottle, took it home, and began using it – one pill per day.

Within a few days the swelling in my knee was gone! The pain slowly subsided and I can now walk uphill and take stairs without pain! I continued to take the Turmeric for a few weeks, but no longer need it. I keep it on hand for future use, if needed, and have recommended it to family and friends.

Thanks, Dr. Baratta, for helping me return to walking strong and well!"

- Connie

"I am always satisfied with the office and its care!"

- Janet

"Very positive! Dr. Baratta has wonderful skills for finding and relieving back problems!"

- Bill

"The office was welcoming and calming. The staff focused on my individual needs and designed an effective treatment plan."

- Nichola

"Very impressed after initial few visits - better care than prior chiropractors!"

- Rosemary

"Clean. Comfortable. Helpful. Very Caring. Well Educated."

- Susan

"The office is well kept, the staff is friendly and helpful. The doctor is caring and gentle."

- Dave

"Dr. Baratta took a lot of time to explain the reason for my pain and the course of treatment. I feel that he really cares about how I am feeling and that he wants to see me improve!"

- Linda

"Friendly, very caring, super nice, very professional, friendly Doc and staff. I highly recommend this office."

- Mao

Chiropractic Carmichael CA Mary Ellen"I experienced immediate results with Dr. Baratta. My first impressions of the office was welcoming, caring, kind and gentle. Dr. Baratta is interested in the person and their well being--not in the number of patients he can get in and out of the office. Time is not a factor, the patient's well being is! And each patient is special!! Dr. Baratta has kept me walking and I rate him #1 on my list and Roberta is so loving and caring, too. If you want relief, see Dr. Baratta!"

 - Mary Ellen

Chiropractic Carmichael CA Amelia"I have had knee problems for several years and had visited another chiropractor before with no results. But after visiting Dr. B's office, I felt better shortly after starting treatments. I can now bend my knees better and walking is much easier. The swelling has gone down, too! My first impressions of Dr. B's office was that it was very calming and a relaxed atmosphere. Everyone was so attentive and caring. If you have a need, try Dr. won't regret it!"



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