Diagnostic X-ray in Carmichael CA

Chiropractic Carmichael CA Doctor Holding X-Ray

X-ray is defined as a form of electromagnetic radiation, similar to light but of a shorter wavelength and capable of penetrating solids and of ionizing gases.

X-rays allow our Carmichael CA chiropractor to view your bones and joints with clarity, and to some extent, the related soft tissues. With the help of x-rays, chiropractors can better evaluate the health of your bones and come to a more accurate diagnosis.

X-rays in Carmichael CA

If the chiropractor takes your x-ray in a standing or weight-bearing position, the various normal and abnormal curves of the spine can be seen as well as the severity of changes in joints.

The chiropractor can evaluate the general health of your bones; determine whether or not you have any congenital anomalies (unusual shapes to your bones from birth), fractures, dislocations, and arthritic conditions, infections of the bones, or joints and tumors which would significantly alter the plan of treatment.

X-rays of the neck, low back, or involved area are often taken. The doctors might send the patient to an x-ray facility for advanced imaging such as an MRI, Cat scan (CT), bone scan, and other clinical procedures that may be necessary depending on the patient's findings. These procedures are utilized to ensure the patient gets the most effective treatment for their condition. Diagnosing the cause of the problem is our first concern.

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