Getting Adjusted & Staying Fit in Carmichael CA

Getting Adjusted & Staying Fit in Carmichael CA

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As a chiropractor in Carmichael CA, I can never underestimate the power of a spinal adjustment and neither should you.

What do chiropractors look for when performing adjustments in Carmichael CA?

Mainly, we are trying to locate any misalignment of the spinal column, beginning in the neck all the way down to the lower back region. Once we find a misalignment of a vertebrae, then we must determine through orthopedic and neurological testing, if a spinal nerve is getting compressed. This is referred to as a subluxation.

Regular spinal adjustments as determined by your chiropractor can greatly enhance the body's immune system and nervous system. When people talk about chiropractors, it's often with terms such as "bonecracker" or "bonepoppers" (and a lot worse) but the art of the chiropractor's adjustment and what we do revolves around the nervous system and its relation to the spinal column. If there is a nerve interference occurring, the nervous system is not operating at full capacity, and this is when problems will arise.

We are all concerned with keeping our skin, teeth and organs healthy, so why wouldn't we think the same about our spines?

Over 80% of people experience back pain sometime in their life, but if your one of the 20% who hasn't yet, why wait until it happens?

Take the right preventative steps and go see a qualified, well- trained chiropractor. I have seen way too many times how a completely healthy person's life is changed due to a debilitating back injury.


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