Avoiding Processed Foods in Carmichael CA

Avoiding Processed Foods in Carmichael CA

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This might be the biggest no-brainer topic of all time. Hopefully, we all know by now that processed foods are evil. But does that mean we avoid them? In reality, it is virtually impossible to avoid processed foods entirely, especially here in western civilization. Our clinic in Carmichael CA can help you learn more.

Processed Food Facts in Carmichael CA

But what really defines processed foods? Well, we can write a whole book on the subject, but for now, let's just say that anything that is man-made is processed. That means that in no way the food can properly digested by the body and undigested foods in the body lead to chronic low-grade inflammation.

Do you think it's a coincidence that processed foods came onto the scene about 100 years ago and before that there were virtually no such things as diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, gerd and ADDH? Do you really not see a correlation? Processed foods are important for one reason: shelf life. Anything to keep the product preserved as long as possible only benefits the food companies and not your health.

The scary part is the deception by food manufacturers who portray that their product is fat-free or sugarless or high in fiber. Yes, great, but it's processed. Can't be digested by the body - no way!

Popular diet companies all promote their meal replacements, and each year thousands and thousands of people go on these diets and some even have good success with losing weight. Yes, it's wonderful that you lost the weight, but you lost it with products that have been so de-mineralized and completely void of nutrients that they pose even more of a danger then the obesity that you have been battling. There are unhealthy ways to lose weight (see local crank addict) and if it's a diet of mostly processed foods, sorry, not good to simplify.

If it's man-made then it was processed. If it's processed it is destructive to the body, whether it's a box of cookies or a healthy protein bar or shake.

A final note, one you might not like. Pasteurized means processed and processed to the max. Any pasteurized item is processed, even milk. Just be careful what you are feeding your children, milk is one of the biggest food misconceptions in our history. If you are a chronically ill person, then you owe it to yourself to at least attempt to give up all pasteurized dairy.


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