60 Day Detoxification Program


As a practicing Chiropractic physician for the past 15 years, I have concluded that the majority of ailments I see in my office are due to lifestyle patterns. The minority (5-10%) are patient's who have recently suffered some type of traumatic injury. Though it sounds somewhat negative to say, I feel that it is a liberating thought process because it essentially means that most people can turn their condition around by simply implementing some sound lifestyle choices. You may have been told by a doctor or read on the web that your condition is genetic, that it is irreversible, or something similar and some hold to that and even use it as a crutch.

But there is no time like now to make a change in your life - a huge change!

When we hear lifestyle, we typically think of the habits that we have picked up over the years, whether they're good or bad. Most of us know that things like diet, exercise and stress reduction are the key components that make up our lifestyle. One of the oldest sayings out there is "You are what you eat". I have heard it countless times in my lifetime and really never paid attention to it until recently. But how true is it? Well, I don't know of anybody personally that can have a toxic diet and not be a toxic person. You may even think that you are a healthy eater but in actuality, your diet is poor. Refraining from fast food does not indicate that you are a healthy person or have a good diet, even though it's a great start. But the healthiest people I know are the people who don't get sick, don't have chronic pain, don't suffer from allergies, not on multiple prescription medications, etc. These people are doing it right and it starts with the right diet. So is it too late for you? Have you already caused too much damage to the system? Well, here is another old adage that we have all heard, "It's never too late".

Now unless your diet is at least 80% raw foods, you will need to supplement. The reason is that the body is deficient of key minerals and enzymes that have been killed off by years of bad choices. The main purpose of the program is to restore the body to normal balance by removing all the toxic buildup that has accumulated in your system over the years, not only in your digestive tract but in your bloodstream as well. This is huge!

We will be feeding and nourishing the cells and giving them absolutely everything they need to function at they're highest levels. Basically, for 60 straight days, it's the essential nutrients in and the toxic wastes out.

But if you are suffering from conditions such as:

  •  Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Chronic pain (Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, etc)
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Obesity
  • Digestive disorders
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Heart/lung disorders

then, absolutely, the body can definitely benefit from a whole body cellular detoxification.

What if you are healthy? Would something like this be recommended? Absolutely! Why not attain better optimal health and stronger immune function if you can.

Why is this program so effective? Because with proper diet and supplementation, you are attacking the problem at a cellular level. These cells have been deprived of the right amounts of oxygen for a prolonged period of time and now are being provided the right nutrients as well. At the same time, the toxic wastes are being cleared away.

So we know that a simple diet (which of course is discussed at length once you decide to begin the program) combined with 1-2 liters of water a day for total hydration of the system and whole food supplementation's are the key components of this detoxification program. These specific types of supplements are going to provide maximum cellular absorption, re-balancing of the blood and digestive tract clearing. It is the most simple, most effective and the least expensive way to accomplish these 3 vital goals.

Most of you may already be on some type of supplementation program but what I am finding out in discussions and consultations with my patients is that they are not taking whole food supplements. This is extremely important because not only are you throwing your money away, you are missing the point and main function of the supplement: absorption.

In order to be classified as a whole food supplement, you need to look for these crucial points:

  • Must have all co-factors, meaning it needs a delivery system of vitamins, minerals and enzymes together. If one of those is missing, it is not a complete supplement.
  • It must be 100% Bioavailable. This means it is being absorbed at the cellular level. If it is not absorbed at the cellular level, the supplements are basically useless. Most important!!!
  • Aids in complete digestion, there will be no metabolic debris once the tract is cleared out.

Most people do not want to hear that what they have been taking for years is useless. But the fact is most vitamin companies carry synthetic products (manmade). Just like food, if it's not a whole food product, you are putting something in your system that was not designed to be broken down by the body. This is a complete waste of time and money and, additionally, you may be causing a toxicity issue.

Obviously, I am not going to endorse any products that don't have the three criteria that I just mentioned. I am proud to say that the supplements we recommend are whole food products and not synthetic.

With any detoxification program, we have to explain some of the effects you may experience during these 60 days. Some of the effects are unpleasant due to your system having withdrawals from the elimination of so many of the addictive foods that you have been accustomed to for so long (sugars, caffeine, pasteurized dairy, etc.). Some of these symptoms may include temporary disorientation, nausea, pain, headaches and dizziness (now I sound like a pharmaceutical commercial). This is happening physiologically because of all the stored toxins in your systems that are now being broken into and now being released into the bloodstream. Your body will probably suffer initially because of the readjusting of the metabolism to all the new whole, natural foods. But what you are doing is getting to the root of the problem, the actual cause, and usually this is not easy, not pretty and not quick.

With this program, you should never be hungry or feel deprived of food. If you are, something's missing and we'll have to readjust a few things.

Back to the supplements, let's do a brief overview of what you will be taking and the reason.

1. There is a digestive supplement which will assist in complete digestion and help in detoxifying the blood.

2. Antioxidants, which will protect the red blood cells and neutralize free radical formation.

3. Then we want to go for optimal cellular function and immune system building by taking complete chelated minerals.

4. Colon cleanse: to revitalize the immune system, total body detoxification and normalize intestinal flora.

5. Collagen for restoration of depleted collagen supplies in the skin, organs and circulatory system.

6. Oral chelation to rid the body of any heavy metal poisonings or arterial plaque.

Simple enough, right? I have to warn you that this program is probably not for you if you are into making excuses. Believe me, you will find a way to get out of it and you will surely fail at this program-guaranteed!

But if you know you need to make a change and you want to do it naturally and with all the best products and food, then this program will change the way you feel, look, taste, smell, touch and your entire frame of mind.

If you are interested in starting our 60 detox program call or chiropractic team today!


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